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ZOM-IN MCO Stories #7 – Have Yourself A Happy Little Raya



  May 21, 2020

Although lockdown measures have been eased since the 4th of May, we’re still under the conditional MCO until the 9th of June. Which means, we’re going to celebrate this upcoming Raya differently


Below is a compilation of personal views shared by our co-workers, business partners, and subscribers regarding the celebration of Hari Raya under conditional MCO. 


Firdaus, HR Consultant


For me, this Raya is a good opportunity to gain back some inner peace. Although unable to reunite with my family in Perak, I still can join the family prayers through video-calls. 


If you plan to visit anyone, it’s better to contact the house owner because one household cannot accept more than 20 guests. However, I think it’s best to stay at home to avoid new infections. 


We can go back to kampung anytime once the virus is fully under control. So, why rush now? 


Rauff, Co-founder of UberTickets


I don’t see there’s a reason to be sad about this Raya because we are all fighting together for a good cause. Regardless of religion, race, or nationality, we have the same enemy — the Covid-19. 


Aidilfitri is always a celebration for overcoming hardships and adversities. Just do whatever the health experts advised ensuring everyone is safe from the coronavirus. Once we win the virus, the sacrifice will be worth it. 


My plan for Raya? I’ll just chill at home and catch up on some Netflix. 


Mohd Syafiq, Student


This year, I would not visit any of my relatives during Raya. This decision is agreed upon by the whole family to avoid any unfavourable things to happen. 


It’s kind of sad because this is the first time I can’t get to spend time with my cousins. 


Anyway, we have some alternative plans to celebrate Raya happily. We will prepare traditional foods like ketupat, lemang, and serunding to arise the happiness during the festival. Besides, we will also have a video call with my brother who is staying apart from family. 


Kamal Azali, Student


For this Raya, we prepared as normal but we celebrated with a small number of family members only. My siblings are staying in another district and can’t move back to our hometown. So they will celebrate with their own small family. For preparation, my mother and I are preparing for the festive meal and kuih Raya. As we’re living in a rural area where there isn’t any case, so I think we can visit one another following the social-distancing rules and in small groups (not exceeding 20 people in a day). 


Farah Aina, Student


Normally, Raya is the opportunity for us to get together with relatives that we can only meet once a year. I think this Raya will be a bit boring because the conditional MCO prevents us from visiting each other. However, we must endure the boredom because it’s a matter of life and death. 



“ZOM-IN MCO Stories” is an internal initiative from ZOM-IN to share what we’ve observed, experienced, and learned during the Movement Control Order.


If you have stories to tell, you could send it to us via our social media channels or email to admin@zom-in.com.


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