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Wrapping Up My Internship by Kai Lun



  April 24, 2021

People say that internships are like riding a bicycle with training wheels on. It’s the same ground the professional bikers use, only that the wheels are there specifically for learning purposes.


Put differently, internships are the time for interns to put the theories they’ve learned into practical executions, to test the water, and even pick up some new strokes. Probably after “falling off” a good amount of time off the bicycle, you know that you are in the right domain, or maybe you need to explore another career domain.


In my three months working at Zom-In as a content writer intern, the experience I've managed to gain taught me about my own values, expectations, strengths, and weaknesses.


A thorough self-reflection on my journey here allowed me to recollect and reveal how much I’ve actually grown working with a team of professionals over the mere span of 3 months. From the first day of work starting to build rapport with team members to today’s effortless teamwork- I’ve definitely gained wisdom, connections, and networks from all my mentors here. 


As you might’ve guessed from the title of this article, as of today this is the finale of my #MyInternshipStory series. I will be officially (sort of?) graduating and becoming a full-fledged working adult.


Working remotely sure has been a great internship experience for me. Though technically I never got to meet my colleagues and team members in person, seeing and working together with them virtually every day made it feel like I’ve kind of already familiarised myself with them.


A series of events took place. Awkward first team meeting, virtual onboarding, brainstorming, getting used to company culture, blogging, video filming, returning to office… three months really did pass in the blink of an eye.


Today, I am officially taking off my training wheels. For that, I am deeply thankful to those who shaped me into who I am today: my supervisor Belinda, my colleagues- Louis, Sha, Shu, and my boss Alvin. And there’s also the TopNotch team that I am astonished at their expertise and also our capability of working well together. 


I feel like I found a balance. I’ve learned new things and matured professionally despite the remote internship experience. 


My biggest piece of advice to future students entering remote internships, or physical internships in general, is to not overthink things. It is often easy to get carried away by the finer details of your work and end up getting tripped up by the inconveniences you may encounter: Was the word choice appropriate? Did the design suit the target audience? Would I have performed better working in an office setting?


Try to remember that internships are meant to be a learning experience for you to develop/enhance your skills, build your network and gain experience. 


All in all, my internship experience at Zom-In was indeed unforgettable. Thank you Zom-In!


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