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Would You Want To Exchange Role With Your Boss?

The U.S. celebrates National Boss/Employee Exchange Day every year on the second Monday of September. Although we don’t celebrate this day in Malaysia, there are many things that we could learn from this observance. 


On this day, employees and bosses would swap roles and see how the other half spends their day in the office. This day also provides those who celebrate it an opportunity to see how the other one within your organization works. 


The origin and history of National Boss/Employee Exchange Day are not known. However,  switching roles for a day can be beneficial to both boss and employees. 


For this one day, the bosses would have to answer the phone calls, deal with the paperwork and tackle problematic customers and meanwhile, the workers would need to learn how to make decisions that are good for the organization. 


This switching of roles is a good opportunity for both parties to exchange ideas and to really put themselves into others’ shoes by experiencing the problems and difficulties both parties are facing in the company. 


Although it’s impossible for the two parties to really exchange their roles, it is a good chance for bosses and employees to understand each other by truly experience the daily challenges of each other. 


When you have a better understanding of each other, you would be more considerate and would not simply blame each other when things don’t follow your wish. This eventually improves communication and strengthens the unity among coworkers. 


Even though we are not celebrating this day in Malaysia, it’s important for us to try to understand our coworkers. People often envy one another for the perks and benefits that they are enjoying, neglecting the challenges they are facing and the efforts that they are putting in. 


In fact, in all organizations, every individual has different responsibilities. Everyone’s efforts are equally important to keep the organization or the business running smoothly. So, let’s appreciate every coworker in your company! 


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