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Women In Climbing Social Ladder



  March 10, 2021

All our lives we’ve been told by our predecessors that women are not as capable as men, they should just stay in and manage the home.


Ages throughout history, women have always been the dreadfully unfortunate victim deemed inferior to men. Compelled subjugation and forced silence were the epitome of society’s unmitigated inequality against gender. And this inequality- was the antecedent of women’s struggle in climbing the social ladder.


Fast-forwarding to the 21st century, are women still in the same spot they were positioned nearly a century ago? Or have things improved over the progression of time?


In this new era, while equality and justice have not been completely attained, things are definitely not the same as how they used to be. Women are no longer confined in tiny homes to be mere child-bearers and home carers, instead, they can now be the breadwinner- the role assumed only by men since olden times.


Inspirational, revolutionary strong women are progressively advancing in the face of earning themselves a spot in society. Societies across the world have begun accepting and recognising capable women. As such, professions or occupations are no longer substantially bound by gender stereotypes.


Gender is no longer a major factor affecting one’s success. One’s capabilities and achievements are more significant in determining if success is attainable in the modern world- to climb the social ladder.


Women can be presidents. Women can earn more than men. Women don’t have to be the only parent caring for their child and household. Women can be as capable as men.


In fact at Zom-In, our very own IT programmer/ web developer is a woman. You can read her story here.


Stop letting your own doubts and society’s standards obscure your true worth. 


Browse and catch your opportunity with us here.


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