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Why We Must Appreciate Every Opportunity

Wong Shu Lee  


  November 11, 2020

A survey by recruitment company JobStreet back in May has revealed up to 20 per cent of 5000 respondents have been retrenched, amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, the survey also showed 35% of Malaysians have experienced a pay cut of more than 30% during the movement control order period. 


Just when we thought things were getting better during the RMCO period, the third wave of the Covid-19 outbreak hit us badly again. Not only our health is at risk due to the increasing clusters in almost all districts, but businesses that had just got back on track are again facing a huge crisis. 


Another survey done by YouGov pointed out that a quarter of Malaysian employees are experiencing job insecurity. YouGov said out of 655 full-time employees polled, 6% felt “very insecure” while 19% felt “somewhat insecure”; in contrast, 18% of them said they did not feel secure or insecure, and the remaining 57% said they felt secure in their jobs. 


Despite all the uncertainty that local Malaysians felt, there was a protest recently in Bangladesh expatriates who returned home prior to the Covid-19 pandemic are demanding to come back to Malaysia to work. On November 2, thousands of demonstrators gathered at Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry office in Dhaka. 



It’s said that more than 25,000 migrant workers are stranded with expired visas and are jobless as travel restrictions prevent their return. Since the 90s’, Malaysia has absorbed large-scale labour migration from Bangladesh as well as Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines to work in the agriculture, manufacturing and construction sectors. 


The influx of foreign labour was attributed to Malaysia’s economic growth, resulting in better education and employment. Since then, we Malaysians began to avoid “low-status” jobs in favour of better work opportunities and some would even emigrate to higher-income countries. 


With the current impacts brought by the pandemic to the labour market here, the government aims to reduce our dependence on foreign labour to reserve more opportunities for unemployed local workers. 


In June 2020 the Human Resource Ministry (MOHR) announced that we would be freezing the intake of migrant workers. At the same time, MOHR also prompted locals to fill up available job opportunities and not to be picky about the employment options. 


From our perspective as a career development platform, we notice that there are still many companies actively seeking more talents and manpower to fulfil their business needs. Therefore, we would like to urge all the fresh graduates who have difficulties finding jobs and those who have lost jobs recently to explore more career options out of your expertise or your ideal industries. 


For those who are fortunate to be employed currently, please appreciate your job and ensure your services add value to the company. 


We wish all the best to everyone in your career. Should you need any assistance, please write to us at admin@zom-in.com. For job seekers, you may explore over 150 job opportunities including Internships, Contract Jobs and Permanent Roles provided by our partners at https://www.zom-in.com/opportunity.php



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