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Why Should We Go To College

The common belief is that attaining a higher education can increase our opportunities and improve our overall quality of life. Therefore, most families would insist their children pursue higher education after completing compulsory education. 



Recently, there are some influencers that debate on the sine qua non of going to college. No doubt that there are examples of successful people who never went to college or dropped out of college. However, does that mean we don’t need to go to college as well? Let’s rationalise the reasons why we should go to college. 


Before we jump into the benefits and importance of tertiary education, we should ask ourselves a simple and realistic question: Are we Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates? Statistically speaking, they are not the norm. The vast majority of worldwide success stories are college graduates. Moreover, both of them are Harvard’s dropout, not from regular colleges. 


Learn New Skills With a Higher Education


Like it or not, we have to admit that our education system has its flaws. As opposed to nurturing creativity and individualism, the current system revolves around meeting the needs of the industries, forcing children to compete instead of cultivating a love for learning. Most of us were forced to attend tuition classes, and most parents solely care about our exam grades. 


When it comes to college, it’s not about memorising the textbooks anymore. Besides listening to lectures, you are free to explore knowledge in your particular field by reading books of your own choice, attending seminars/webinars on your own initiative, having discussions with coursemates, or even go for an apprenticeship. You have more autonomy in controlling your time and method of learning than when you’re in high school. 


This freedom encourages you to think and analyse, explore new ideas, ask questions, and be more creative! All these habits allow you to grow and develop even further which provides you with that competitive edge in the job market.


Gain Knowledge Under Proper Guidances


With the help of the internet, we can access knowledge anytime, anywhere. However, the quality of the information obtained online versus information you gained under lecturers’ and supervision is definitely incomparable. 


Courses and degrees offered by universities and colleges (or trustable online learning platforms) are not only inspected by governments and trusted education bodies, but are instructed by certified professors. 


Just like we will look at the manufacturing information and nutrition fact labels when purchasing food products, we should also be mindful when we’re consuming knowledge. 


Enrich Your Life


Unlike in primary and secondary schools where you could only attend classes according to the designated timetable, in college or university, you are able to arrange your schedule and choose elective subjects based on your own preference. Besides, there are many additional programs and activities that you can join in a college or university, such as town hall meetings, talks, volunteering works, etc. 


These experiences will not only widen your horizon but also help you to develop important soft skills valued by most employers. 


Meet Likeminded Friends


One of the reasons that make college experience irreplaceable is that you get to meet friends that share similar interests, passions and goals with you. With that being said, friends that you meet in college are more likely to be your lifelong friends. 


Many people, especially those came from suburbs and rural areas, continue to stay with their roommates from college when they started working in the city. There are also many successful entrepreneurs who co-founded their companies with their friends from college. 


On top of all, the most opportune time to find your life partner is at college or university because that’s when you have a large pool of intellectually equal age-appropriate and single men/women to choose from. 



Bottom Line: Embrace the Experiences


Although there are many known benefits of attaining higher education, going to college is a privilege. Not all families can afford to send all their children to college. Therefore, it makes even more sense that you must cherish all learning opportunities and ensure you utilise all resources in the college if you are fortunate to further your studies. 


If you’re just there to pass time and expect the certification will guarantee you a better lifestyle, you are most likely to be disappointed. The truth is, people who attended the same courses in the same college can be very different depends on the extra efforts that each person willing to give. The one who goes extra miles to read more books, ask more questions and join more activities, of course, will have a fruitful future. 


So, coming back to our question, is college important? It is definitely important because college or university is the best platform for you to develop useful skills and knowledge that could lead to more career stability. If you are a regular individual (not Bill or Mark), let’s accept the reality, be more proactive in college because the knowledge and experiences you earned will be your assets in life. 


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