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Why Remote Internships Are Not That Bad?



  March 09, 2021

If you were to form your idea of an internship based solely on movies and dramas- say for example Grey’s Anatomy, you’d likely picture yourself spending long hours doing scut work,  fetching coffees and picking up lunches for your executives. 


Fortunately, the reality of internships is not that harsh (at least not here at Zom-In). Being an employment-oriented online platform centralized in providing a wide array of opportunities, interns at Zom-In are pretty much not restricted by any learning opportunities and constraints. 


From square one web developing on our user interface to writing articles for our blog, the reality of internships is not as limited as media depictions.


But what happens when a sudden outbreak of a pandemic decides to just randomly knock on our doors to greet us, rendering us powerless in the face of it while leaving us no choice but to take our internships remotely?


Will the once-in-a-lifetime experience lose its light?


Based on my experience as a remote content writer intern at Zom-In, I’ll share some bits and pieces of what I’m experiencing.


My regular tasks include developing enticing ideas for each article topic from the ground up,  planning, drafting, deep working and mending each piece of work.  


The endless research process allows me to dig deeper into understanding the topic. Paired with the use of marketing strategies such as SEO to produce compelling content aimed at not only boosting search engine keyword ranking, the content should at all times, primarily fit the readers’ preference.


In short, the complete writing process is time-intensive.


After 6 weeks of working at  Zom-In, I discovered that this may be a blessing in disguise after all. Working remotely taught me the importance of adaptability and resilience in the world that has changed dramatically since the world is hit with the pandemic.


In order to maximize the remote intern experience to make the best impression and learn the most, drastic measures have to be taken to tackle arising challenges head-on. This includes learning to be resilient enough to adapt to the ever-changing world- all for the sake of upgrading myself!


Simply because no one is having it easy. The comeback is always stronger than the setback, make the most out of your remote internship by applying with us here. There is no reason for a remote internship to hold you back from anything you want to achieve in life

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