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Why Do Interviewers Ask Weird Questions?

Wong Shu Lee  


  August 21, 2020

Recently, we saw a blog article aggregating a compilation of interview questions that young job seekers claimed are weird. However, when we read through it, those are common questions that any HR would ask during job interviews. Therefore, we think it’s important to share the possible reasons for companies asking candidates these questions. 


Question #1: Why would you apply for a job/internship with our company? 


Honestly, when I was a fresh graduate back then, I would answer “because I need a job and your company has openings.” Now, I understand this question is useful for HR to help them differentiate between candidates with clear career objectives and those without. 


ZOM-IN’s Advice: Talk about your career goals briefly and how you think the company can help you in achieving your goals. For example, the company can provide you with the relevant exposures, or the job scopes can help you to gain relevant experiences. 


Question #2: What’s your biggest dream/goal in life? 


Candidate: Can I tell my dream is being rich without needing to work? 


Well, this question is actually helpful for HR to understand the mindset of a candidate. Although you might be applying for entry-level jobs as a fresh graduate, you would be perceived to be a more proactive candidate if you want to achieve some goals/dreams in the near future. 


Question #3: Who are you staying with? 


Some netizens are annoyed by questions that are non-related to the job scopes. However, unless you’re applying for a job that required very specific skills, for most entry-level jobs, applicants often possess identical job skills. In such cases, your attitude, personalities and soft skills matter more. That explains why HRs tends to ask non-job-related questions when interviewing fresh graduates. 


Apart from these questions, netizens also complained about some unpleasant experiences while attending interviews. 


After a long and pleasant conversation, the candidate almost thought he/she nailed the job but was then asked to go back and wait for news. 


In a usual hiring process, the hiring manager or HR rarely make any decision on the spot during the interview. Whether or not they think you are a suitable candidate, they will still need to conduct interviews with all shortlisted candidates and discuss among the team to choose the most suitable candidate. 


ZOM-IN’s Advice: Knowing that most companies will interview more than one candidate for a position, don’t apply for job/internship at the last minute. Besides, it’s advisable to apply from more than one company at once—don’t wait for a company to reject you only start searching for another. 


Be Rational and Realistic


Some netizens commented “beggars can’t be choosers” to express their frustrations while seeking jobs. We understand things don’t always go as per how we expected it to be. However, we should always be realistic and rational in a sense where we must understand what is happening in the market. 


Currently, many industries around the globe are facing a recession due to COVID-19. It is understandable that companies are slowing down on their hiring and are offering lower wages or lesser perks than the pre-pandemic era. We should focus on how we can contribute to the company to help to revive the economy as soon as possible so that we could enjoy the fruits of success soon. 


Wish everyone the best of luck in job searching. 


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