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Where Would You Stay? Hostel or Rented Apartment?

Unlike in secondary and primary schools that we usually go to school that nearby our house, it usually requires us some significant times to travel from home to our university. 


Therefore, accommodation becomes a major concern for most students. If there are two options given to you: either to stay in a rented apartment or a hostel, which would you choose? 


It can get a little tricky as both the options have their pros and cons. This post is going to list out advantages and disadvantages of both options. 


Advantages of Hostel


Hostels are generally located near to or sometimes inside the campus, often with cheaper rents. A hostel is suitable for those who like to mingle around with other schoolmates because you can always find hostel mates to talk with and hang around with. 


Most of the hostels have an attached reading room. So you will get to read lots of magazines, newspapers and other useful books. Thus, it provides a well-suited atmosphere for studying. Besides, there will be brighter students as hostel mates who can help you to clear your doubts when you’re facing roadblocks while doing coursework. 


Disadvantages of Hostel


If you are someone who likes privacy and personal space more, so sharing in a hostel can get difficult for you. Sometimes, hostel rules can annoy you. 


Overall, if you love to keep yourself close to your schoolmates, living in a hostel can be enjoyable for you. However, if you value personal privacy a lot, it might not be your best choice of accommodation. 


Advantages of Rented Apartment


The level of freedom you will get while staying in a rented apartment is unmatchable. If you love cooking yourself, then rented apartments are for you!


Besides, rented apartments are usually quieter and less cramped than hostel rooms. Staying in a rented apartment is also a great way to immerse yourself in the local community and a great chance to gain domestic management experience. 


Disadvantages of Rented Apartment


Staying in a rented apartment can be unsafe especially if you’re in a new and unfamiliar place. 


In a nutshell, staying in a hostel or in a rented apartment has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you’re considering renting an apartment, make sure you do your search via trusted platforms to avoid scams. 


We hope everyone has a safe and comfortable accommodation while studying.


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