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Weird Skills We Learnt During MCO



  April 27, 2021

Being stuck indoors for months might be like a nightmare, but since MCO was compulsory, we might as well take it as a perfect opportunity to master fun, sometimes weird, new skills. 


After resuming back to work, we got all our coworkers to share what they’ve learned during the lockdowns. Here are some notable stories we’d like to share. 


The Basic One: Baking


A few of our colleagues tried out some popular recipes such as the Basque Burnt Cheesecake at home with their family members. 


Basque Burnt Cheesecake (Image Source: Internet)


“Ever since I entered college, I spend very little time with my family. This MCO was a great opportunity for me to bond with my siblings, especially when we explored baking together,” shared by Angeline. 


Baking to the Next Level


For some colleagues who are not rookie bakers anymore, they were challenging for more intermediate baking tasks during this MCO. 


“My parents were reluctant to order food delivery nor to pick up food from restaurants as they wanted to avoid human contact during MCO. To fix my cravings, I decided to learn how to make pizzas,” shared Shu. This MCO, she had explored diverse pizza recipes and had developed pizzas from scratch, from the pizza dough to sauces and toppings. 


A post shared by ShuLee Wong (@shulee911)


The Non-Bakers


Meanwhile, there are people who don’t like baking, like Belinda. “Instead of learning how to bake, this MCO, I expanded my network with food store owners.” Belinda has conducted a comprehensive food-mapping around the Petaling area and has gathered all the information and contact numbers of her favourite restaurants, bakeries and hawker centre stalls. Now, she is the best person to look for if we need food recommendations. 


The Ultimate Winner



Of all our colleagues, the one that obtained the most unique experience during the MCO goes to Samiksha. Like many pet lovers, Samiksha’s family keeps dogs. However, their pet collections are not limited to ordinary pets like dogs, cats and hamsters. They keep chickens not as food, but as pets, as well as ducks, birds, and fish. 


This MCO, Samiksha spent most of her free time petting her animal friends. “Playing with them and taking care of them really calms me down. Many people experience anxiety due to the worrying pandemic, for me, being around with my pets is the best cure to all those negative thoughts and feelings,” she shared. 


What hobbies or fun skills have you developed while staying at home? We hope you have a contented and happy stay-at-home experience. As most businesses and schools have resumed operation, let’s get yourself together to have a powerful bounce back! 


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