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User Guide: Enhance Your Profile

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 27, 2020

So you have registered a ZOM-IN account and started to explore for opportunities. Then you realised, your ZOM-IN Profile is very important because you will be using it to apply for opportunities and connect with people on ZOM-IN. 


Your profile includes details about your job qualifications, employment history, education, skills and experience. To get the most out of ZOM-IN, it’s important to make your ZOM-IN profile as comprehensive and compelling as possible. 


Besides, your ZOM-IN profile can increase your online presence and help you build a professional brand that showcases your background to prospective employers. Here are tips to make your ZOM-IN profile stands out from the crowd: 


Write A Comprehensive & Engaging Profile



To get started, it’s important to make sure that your ZOM-IN profile is complete, detailed, interesting and readable. In fact, you should consider your ZOM-IN profile as your online resume. It should have all the same information that is on your resume and perhaps more. 


Upload A Profile Photo

You should add a photo to your ZOM-IN profile. While it doesn’t have to be your passport photo, it should represent the “professional you,” rather than the “casual you.” ZOM-IN isn’t the place to show off your nightlife nor your significant other. 


Highlight Your Experience & Top Skills in your Summary

The Summary (About) section of your ZOM-IN profile is a great way to highlight what makes you unique and irreplaceable to your industry. If applicable, it is appropriate to mention key professional certifications, bilingual skills or key accomplishments. 


If you’re looking for a job/internship, it’s also appropriate to mention your career objective in the About section. 


Notes: Since this section doesn’t support formatted text, please write in a paragraph rather than in point form. 


Use Your Resume to Update Your Profile



In a nutshell, your ZOM-IN profile is your online resume. It is important to include your employment status (current and past), education and portfolio. To quickly create your ZOM-IN profile, review your resume and copy/paste the relevant information into your profile. 


Showcase Your Skills



The Skills section is an important component in your profile. It helps prospect employers to identify your core competencies at a glance. Focus on skills that highlight your strongest assets and are most relevant to your career goals. Don’t forget to add in some soft skills too! 


Include Your Accomplishments

Use the Portfolio/Past Assignment section of ZOM-IN to highlight projects you’ve worked on, publications you have contributed to and other credentials you have earned. Remember to include your Volunteer Experiences in this section too because most employers consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience when they are evaluating candidates. 



Hope our platform can help you to kickstart your career with a sweet beginning. All the best! 


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