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Tips For Preparing M.U.E.T.

Wong Shu Lee  


  November 02, 2021

The Malaysian University English Test, better known as MUET, is an examination that aims to access the proficiency of students in English for admissions into universities. The examination is managed and run by the Malaysian Examination Council and is largely recognized in Singapore and Malaysia. 


Whether you’re pursuing your education in private or public institutes and universities, the completion of MUET is one of the required criteria across many courses. 


Although we started to learn English since we were in kindergarten, many people are intimidated by MUET because it accesses our proficiency in English from all aspects. 


It has four components namely Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The scores achieved in the test are graded into six bands where Band 6 remains the highest and Band 1 remains the lowest. Some of us may be good at reading and writing but are not confident in the Speaking test, some vice versa. 


The following tips will help you to prepare properly for the four components so that you can perform well.




This paper requires a lot of practice to be able to master it. Reading English magazines, newspapers and novels is recommended to practice it. Get previous year’s question papers in order to understand the structure of the questions asked. Choose the reading material smartly which is relevant to what would be asked in MUET so that you can prepare well.




The best way to improve your speaking skills is to practice it by watching a lot of English shows. Hearing people speak will help you to get confident and practice with it in a smooth flow that is required in MUET. Start conversing in English with your friends and family members and you will notice that you are improving along the way.




Most often it is found that students struggle to interpret what is being said in the test. It is mostly because they get anxious and start to panic. The key is to stay calm. The audio is played twice in the examination and it is important to concentrate completely. One of the tricks is to write down the answers with a pencil the first time the audio is played and then write it down with a pen the second time. This will help you to check what you have written and correct it in case you feel it is wrong.




Reading more English books to see how the sentences are formed will help you to write better. If you feel that you are weak in grammar, try forming concise sentences rather than putting grandiose words together. Practice grammar too to make sure that you are framing the sentences correctly. 


Besides understanding the structure and format of the exam, it’s also important to practice more of the grammar because it is one of the most important skills that you need to work on for MUET. You might know a grandiloquent word but would not know how to frame it into a sentence if you are weak in grammar. 


Get a grammar workbook wherein you can practice and get better. Read more and keep a note of how sentences are formed. By continually noticing and practicing, one can improve their grammatical skills. 


It is quite obvious to feel anxious before the examination. If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety, let’s indulge in something that you enjoy to unwind your mind. Listen to music or treat yourself with something that you love to distress. 


We wish you all the best in all examinations! 


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