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Three In-Demand Skills That Employers Value



  February 08, 2021

It is no secret that employers in modern-day society no longer evaluate a candidate exclusively based on hard skills. 


A candidate with a remarkable set of hard skills, but what comes along with them- is a foolhardy nature who lacks team and relationship building disposition, is likely to be disqualified. The fact is that you need a combination of hybrid skills, synthesizing both hard and soft skills for any job. 


In this article, we’ll briefly review three essential skills that employers look for throughout the recruiting/ hiring process. We had a brief discussion with Belinda, the experienced manager of Zom-In who had previously ventured into different sectors, some of which include media and recruitment. Let’s hear her perspective on the topic. 


Problem-solving skills


Most employers are looking for more than just soulless robots to execute day-to-day operations. People who possess a keen eye for detail, having the ability to pinpoint and address difficulties- subsequently suggesting and applying a solution in an attempt to overcome said difficulties, are people who are in demand. 


“My subordinates used to come to me to ask for a solution and not suggest any to me.” 


“I don’t believe this is the way how a person should learn to grow,” said Belinda. 


Recognizing an issue and proceeding to develop an effective solution through the resources available such as “people” that you can consult with, our BFF Mr Google, Ms YouTube… and the list goes on…should aid in your personal career progression.


Communication skills


“Communication is another key skill that employers look for,” said Belinda. 


It is of fundamental importance that employees constantly seek to maintain good communication with employers by actively listening and providing substantial feedback. 


Staying engaged with your respective employers not only ensures self-awareness but also demonstrates your verbal and physical competency in this area, be it through written emails or video conferences.


Eagerness to learn


Employers value eager employees who are passionate about bettering themselves. The lifelong chase and love towards education show that you are humble and dedicated. 


“It is tough working with people that lack passion and refuse to learn,” Belinda commented.


Recognising your shortcomings in terms of acknowledging that the world is vast- and that knowledge itself is immeasurable power, is entirely depending on one’s choice and willingness to learn. 


The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice- Brian Herbert.


Showcasing your skills


To make extra sure that you are extensively marketing yourself in your next job hunt, don’t forget to express that you possess these skills during your hiring process to leave a definite impression.


*PS: You can even share your skills through anecdotes and life experiences.


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