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Things To Expect in 2022

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 04, 2022

As we are entering a new calendar year, it is good that we take a look at what are the things to anticipate in this new year to motivate ourselves to look forward and move forward. 


Antiviral Drugs for Covid-19



Currently, drug manufacturers over the world are developing antiviral drugs that can be mass-produced in the form of oral pills to tackle the symptoms of covid-19. Once a manufacturer successfully discovers an effective formula, it would be helpful to reduce the impact of the covid-19 on business activities globally. A few manufacturers are currently running clinical tests before releasing their antiviral drugs to the market. Hopefully, these drugs can be ready for use in 2022. 


While waiting for the medicine, please keep yourself safe by completing all your vaccination appointments arranged by The Malaysian National Immunisation Programme (NIP). 


More Jobs in Software Development & IT Security


As more people are now working remotely, the prevalence of telework from the COVID-19 pandemic launches more need for new products. Thus, the high demand for IT security and software development is expected to rise. Industries will continue to rely on analysis and interpretation of large datasets and other ways to communicate across teams. 


Jobs expected to see the highest need are statisticians, information security analysts, and data scientists. Robotics will also see a large area of growth as manufacturing and sales continue moving to automation and global competition expands. 


Let’s keep our Opportunity Page in your bookmark so you can check out the latest available job opportunities whenever you want. 


Exciting New Movies in 2022



Movie theaters have been dominated by franchise films for years, but the COVID pandemic has crunched the past couple of years' worth of blockbusters into one bonanza year at the box office. 


Black Panther, The Flash, Thor, Aquaman, Doctor Strange, and Batman are among the superheroes hitting the big screen again. There are new movies in the Mission: Impossible, Jurassic Park, and Avatar series. 


Let’s mark these dates in your diary as we celebrate the big films hitting the big screen and streaming services in 2022: Check Out The Movies Release Date.



We wish the year 2022 can be fun, exciting at the same time a fruitful one for everyone. Let’s list down the things and events that you anticipate on your calendar or journal to fuel up yourself! 


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