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Things That 00's Kids Never Seen Before

Wong Shu Lee  


  November 06, 2020

Our team has started to work from home way before the government announced the 2nd CMCO in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. One day, while having our daily catch up session among the team, we spot something very unique from behind of Louis, our videographer. 



It’s a Setron TV! Honestly, I have only seen a Setron TV from a relative’s house way before I started to go to kindergarten, and it wasn’t functioning anymore even at that time. Therefore, it is really surprising when Louis told us this TV is still functioning. 


And soon after that, we discovered that there are many antique goods in his house. Today, we are showing you some of those items that may bring back your old memories. 




Are you a music enthusiast? Nowadays, people mostly download songs from iTunes or Spotify, playing them over Bluetooth speakers or wireless earbuds. Do you know that two decades ago, people are collecting their favourite artists’ albums in the form of cassette tapes? 


This is a 2-in-1 audio player that can receive radio frequency and play music from cassette tape. 00’s kids may not able to imagine, but this was once the most canggih media player. 



Nowadays, many modern families install electronic filtered water dispenser that can pour out hot water instantly. Therefore, the younger generation may have not seen a vacuum flask like this. Traditional vacuum flask does a very good job in keeping the boiled water warm, but the downsides are its bulkiness and fragility. Once you drop it on the floor, highly likely its efficiency in maintaining the water temperature will defect. That is why old people normally don’t allow kids to touch it. 



Have you seen this? This is a very classic toddler potty that people used to present newlyweds to wish for offsprings. In Hokkien wedding tradition, red dates, dried longan, dried lotus seeds, lily bulbs, sweets, angpow etc are filled and sealed in the potty with a piece of red paper covering the mouth of the potty. This auspicious potty will be placed in the couple's bed, which then the seal will be removed by a young boy.



One glance at it anyone could tell that this is a sewing machine, but do you know it is very different from the portable electronic sewing machines that we can find in shops nowadays? 



It doesn’t require any electricity to run! All you need to do is to tap on the foot pedal and it will start moving. This type of sewing machines are unable to produce complex stitches but they are very durable! 


Thanks to Louis, we were like time-travelling back to the 2000s. It is so fascinating that the family is able to keep and maintain all these machines and tools in good condition after so many years. This is indeed a very good example to remind each one of us to appreciate the things that we’re using. 


Do you have any unique items at home from the last century? Let’s share it with us in the homepage timeline! 


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