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The Most Practical Christmas Gifts

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 07, 2021

With the massive year-end discounts and upcoming festivals, many people would consider buying home electronic appliances as Christmas gifts for their dearest family. 


We have compiled a list of some of the best home appliances you can gift to the lovely lady/man in your life. Check out these home appliance gifts below. 


Food Sealer



A food sealer can be used for food saving in air-tight packets. It takes just 6-10 seconds to remove air from specially designed bags and can save food items for a long time. This is especially useful for working mothers who need to meal-prep for the family during off-days. 


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



A robotic vacuum cleaner can be the best gift to those who are always busy at work and keep a minimalist living style. It runs in automatic mode to hunt down dirt and dust over carpets and hard flooring. Users can also link the cleaner to phones and smart home sensors, so it can start cleaning the house when the owner is away. 


Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



Is your mother or wife still using the corded vacuum cleaner? Today's cordless vacuums are light years ahead of the monstrous machines of yesterday. These modern stick-style cleaners are lightweight and have a surprising amount of suction power for their compact size. Because they're powered by rechargeable batteries, you don't have to deal with unwieldy electric cords. 


Cordless vacuum cleaners are also known for their multipurposeness, besides using them on the floor, you can use them to clean your mattress, table, ceiling, and even your vehicle. 


Popcorn Popper



Ever since the pandemic, many people start to watch movies at home instead of going to theatres. If you are a person that cannot watch a movie without a bag of tasty, freshly popped popcorns on your lap, a popcorn popper can be a good investment in the long run. 


Using a popcorn maker is just as easy, and it's a simple way to keep popcorn healthy and a chance to customize it with your favorite toppings and seasonings for a better-tasting snack than what comes in a pre-packaged bag. 


Disinfection Box



Ensuring your home is safe and free of bacteria and viruses during the pandemic can be challenging. Not everyone has the time and resources to spring-clean their living environment when people enter or leave the house. 


A disinfection box allows users to sanitize small objects of everyday items, such as phones, wallets, and keys. It is simple to operate and can ease your mind as it can kill all kinds of germs, moulds, and viruses, even the mutated, evolving strains of SARS-CoV2. 


Hope you can get the best practical Christmas gift for yourself or your family that can bring convenience and happiness to your life. 


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