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System Update: A Comprehensive Job Application System For Job Seekers

Wong Shu Lee  


  March 04, 2021

Dear job seekers, since the official launch in July 2020, ZOM-IN has updated some of its features to enhance your job searching experience. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to apply for jobs on ZOM-IN using the latest user dashboard. 


Create Your Account


To begin with, let’s create an account at www.zom-in.com. Please ensure you use an active email and type your email correctly because it will be the primary channel for us to notify you when you’re invited to attend interviews. 



After registration, kindly activate your account by clicking the Activation Link from the email we sent to you. Check your spam folder if you can’t receive the email within 5 minutes. Should you have difficulty activating your account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Social Media or email


Once your account is activated, you may sign in and fill up all the essential information. 


Make sure you fill-up nicely because you’re going to use this information to apply for internships or jobs on ZOM-IN. 


Update Your ZOM-IN Profile


Your ZOM-IN Profile is equivalent to your resume while applying for jobs on www.zom-in.com. Therefore, it’s important to update your profile before you start applying for jobs. 

Subsequently, go to “Dashboard” and click on your Profile Picture at the sidebar to update your profile. You may refer to this guide for more tips on how to make a better profile. 



Start Exploring Internship/Job Opportunities


Finally, you can start applying for internship or job opportunities on ZOM-IN Opportunity. You may utilize the Search Bar on the top of the page to help you filter opportunities based on your fields of expertise. ZOM-IN has prepared articles and videos about each company that offers jobs on the platform. Simply click on the logo of the company that you’re interested in to learn more about the company. 



When you found opportunities that are suitable for you, click on the “Apply” button to apply. You will receive email notifications when you’re shortlisted for interviews. 


We hope these new features can provide you with a better experience with www.zom-in.com.  


Should you experience any problem navigating the website, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance via Facebook Message or Email. Thanks! 


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