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Student Internship Challenges during the Pandemic

Wong Shu Lee  


  October 26, 2021

Ever since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way we live, work and play in many unexpected and unprecedented ways. In this post, we are going to discuss the events and challenges that might influence students’ learning journeys as interns. 


Challenges for employers


Due to the pandemic and MCOs, many industries were not allowed to work in the office. Although some essential industries were allowed to operate, they had to split staff into teams and incorporate safe distancing within offices, employers indicated that they might not be able to engage their interns in as many work activities as they would like.


Besides, since many companies were required to practice work-from-home, employers were concerned that they would not be able to guide interns and monitor their work adequately for a fruitful learning experience.


Challenges for students who secured internships during the pandemic


Some students highlighted that their learning exposure might be compromised in terms of acquiring knowledge about the employers’ corporate culture and teamwork at the workplace since they were required to work from home. 


Many students also expressed concern about how employers would monitor or evaluate their work performance given the lack of in-person and on-site interaction.


Some were worried that employers might even terminate their internship prematurely if the pandemic worsens, thereby disrupting their learning progress and falling short of the required internship duration as specified by the school.


Challenges for students who did not secure internships


Though many schools have launched alternative modules to replace the internship program for students who did not secure internships, students were apprehensive that the lack of an internship experience would adversely affect their employment prospects after graduation.


Indeed, there are many challenges that might impact our career, however, we just have to stay positive and be ready to seize opportunities at all times. 


In 2021, ZOM-IN has provided internship opportunities to many students and has connected more students to join our partnering companies. Let’s stay tuned with us for more internship and job opportunities! 


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