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Soul-Crushing Moments Every Job Seeker Experiences

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 16, 2020

Looking for a new job is no easy task. It’s a combination of sending endless emails and often getting no replies, awkward interview experiences, and tricky conversations. Even worse, with the current pandemic and lockdowns, you may go months without getting a single interview. 


At some point during your search, you might hit a roadblock that is so devastating, you begin to question whether or not you should even keep looking. Here are some frustrating moments that every job seeker may experience in their life: 


Not Hearing Any Feedback



What is worse than rejection? A total silence it is. You don’t know whether you should keep waiting for an answer or move on to search for other jobs. However, almost all job seekers have experienced this while searching for jobs. 


Our Solution: 



With the latest User Dashboard, you are able to see real-time status whether the employer shortlisted you or not. Besides, you will receive an email notification instantly when an employer wanted to invite you for an interview. 


Ruining An Interview


Interviews are stressful, and, sometimes, things just don’t go your way. Maybe you showed up late, forgot the hiring manager’s name, or got stumped on a question. Regardless of the severity of your interview faux pas, you walk away feeling pretty confident that you’re not going to get the job.


Our Solution: 



To ensure you won’t miss any precious opportunities, our system will remind you about your interview time, interviewer’s name and interview location 24 hours before your interview starts. We also encourage you to read the stories and information about the company on ZOM-IN Partners to have a more comprehensive understanding of the company. 



Before going to an interview, you can browse through the tips that our editors carefully curated on Spice-IN. Hope these articles help you eliminate all the avoidable mistakes and taboos during interviews. 


The process of getting an ideal job is complicated. Therefore, ZOM-IN strives to provide all young job seekers with a smoother job searching journey. Are you searching for a job or internship now? Let’s try out our platform at https://www.zom-in.com/opportunity.php



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