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Should I Take A Contract Job?

Wong Shu Lee  


  November 20, 2020

You probably have heard advice from your parents and aunties, uncles, telling you not to go for contract jobs. It is true that working on a contractual basis doesn’t provide you with job stability and you might not be entitled to the same employer-paid benefits as full-time employees. 


However, contract jobs have become a more prevalent hiring approach for businesses of all sizes across sectors. Many companies adopt contract staffing as it offers the company various benefits along the lines of flexibility, cost savings, and staff quality. By engaging an additional staff for a given period of time, a company is able to reduce headcount for budgeting purposes. Thus, more companies are taking this approach especially during this very uncertain period due to the covid-19 pandemic. 


With contracting become a predominant trend in the job market, we must also rethink the values of contract jobs. Set aside the stability, what are the benefits that we could expect from taking a contract job? 


Learn New Skills and Try Out New Experiences


Working on a contractual basis allows you to dip into different cultures and settings across companies that you’ve joined. This can maximise your experiences, exposing you to a variety of new skills and job settings. 


For example, if you worked as a customer experience executive with a few companies across different industries, you will get to learn the operation of all these industries. These experiences will eventually become your assets when you seek career progression in the near future. 


Earning More Cash


While contractors are not covered with perks and benefits that full-timers enjoy, they are compensated with more cash. Typically, the take-home paycheck of a contractor can higher than a full-time worker in a similar position. While that isn’t always the case, the more in-demand positions, like UX Designer or App Developer, usually pay more with a contract arrangement. 


Skip Office Politics


If you’re a person who fears getting involved in office politics, contract jobs may be a good choice for you. There is no reason for you to get highly involved in office politics because you’re going elsewhere as soon as your contract ended. Therefore, you don’t need to be bothered by such things. 


Bottom Line: Seize Available Opportunities


The unemployment rate is high in almost all countries right now attributes to the pandemic. Therefore, it might be a wise move to open up yourself to explore more opportunities and possibilities during this period. As long as you are ready to learn, you can obtain new knowledge, skills and experiences in almost any job. Maybe the job you landed is not your ideal job now, but the experiences you gained today will lead you to your dream place one day. 


We wish all the best to you. 


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