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Ridiculous Things That Jobseekers Did

Wong Shu Lee  


  February 17, 2021

As job seekers, we get excited when we’re given an opportunity to attend a job interview. While it’s certain that every job seeker will try his/her best to impress the interviewers, there are some things you should never, ever do when you’re on the hunt for a new job. 


Today, we’re going to share some things that might prevent you from landing a job, based on real cases. 


#1 Bringing Parents or Spouse/Lover Along On Job Interviews


Pro-tip to jobseekers: You might want to leave your parents at home when you show up for a job interview. 


Though this may seem like a pretty basic rule of getting-a-job etiquette, our partners from the recruitment industry have seen a number of job seekers brought their parents or girlfriend/boyfriend along to an interview. Some even had their companion sit in on the interview. 


This may not be a good move as employers would perceive you as too dependent. If your parents or friends are giving you a hitch to the workplace, perhaps you should arrange for them to wait for you at the nearest cafe instead of coming along with you. 


#2 Picking Up Phone Calls During Job Interviews


Again, this may seem like common sense but many hiring managers and recruiters have seen candidates picking up phone calls in the middle of a job interview. This is very unprofessional and disrespectful and it most probably would cost you a job offer. 


A typical job interview usually lasts within 30 minutes. Let set your phone in silent or Do Not Disturb mode during the interview so that you can fully focus on the conversation with the interviewer. 


#3 Being Rude To Recruiters & Hiring Managers When You’re Not Shortlisted


We understand everyone has ends to meet. However, in every job opening, only the best or most suitable candidate will be chosen. 


When being rejected, it is fine to ask recruiters or interviewers for feedback, in a polite manner. It is important to keep a good impression while communicating with recruiters and hiring managers. You may not be chosen for the current role, but they will think of you again when there are suitable roles for you. 


In fact, we shouldn’t be rude to anyone, whether in the workplace or in personal life. Let’s uphold professionalism and treat everyone with an appropriate attitude. 


#4 Asking Interviewers Personal Questions


Speaking of upholding professionalism, based on our survey among our partners from the recruitment industry, the most inappropriate thing that candidates have done during job interviews is to ask personal questions or trying to flirt with interviewers. So, let’s make sure you only ask work-related questions during the job interview. 


#5 Faking Experiences and Information


Last but not least, don’t ever fake your working experiences or education background to impress interviewers. Experienced recruiters and managers can easily detect false information and fake experiences through conversations. 


Faking experiences is not worth it as you will be labelled as a dishonest candidate once your lies being discovered. This will close your door to job opportunities from the same recruiter or company. Keep real. 


In the current pandemic situation, it is extra hard for job seekers to secure a job. On this account, let’s appreciate every opportunity and ensure you show the best of yourself in every job interview. 


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