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Real & Honest Job Reviews

Wong Shu Lee  


  August 18, 2022

Recently, we have launched a new series on our social media pages, namely Real Job Reviews. As its name implies, in this series, we will share real and honest job reviews collected from people who have worked in various industries for at least 3 years. 


In-house Talent Acquisition, 3 years, KL, 28, Male 


"It's hard to deal with job seekers nowadays because many have unrealistic expectations. Dealing with multiple hiring managers is also challenging. 


However, I like the job because I get to interact with many people and I always have first-hand insights into the workforce market. I also appreciate my current workplace which provides me with a lot of ownership and freedom in carrying out my tasks."


Editor’s Note: Working as a recruiter can be a professionally fulfilling occupation due to your ability to provide help to others. As a recruiter, you work to pair individuals with jobs you think they are well suited to. It can be satisfying to make a strong match that benefits the company while also providing a professional with a job they enjoy. 


Lawyer, 4 years, KL, 28, Female


"The stress is real because we need to spend many hours researching and collecting evidence. Clients are often very demanding, and we need to educate and advise them properly to protect their rights. 


One of the pros of this career is that it is a highly reputable profession. I also get to learn new things every time when I work on a new case. It is a stable career option if you can withstand the stress." 


Editor’s Note: Lawyer is always a noble and respectable profession. The benefits of being a lawyer outweigh the seven years of education, student loan debt, and long working hours, not only because of the high income they earn, but also because they are serving justice and giving a voice to the people who need a voice. 


Risk Analyst, 4 years, KL, 28, Male


"This job is suitable for those who are good at analyzing data. However, there is a lack of human interaction, which makes it dull. I thought of shifting my career path to something more lively but changed my mind after the pandemic hit. 


Now I have found a chance to advance my career in the same industry, but shifting from backend to frontend by providing client consultation services regarding risk management." 


Editor’s Note: Risk Analyst has significant room for growth and is an in-demand job position. A risk analyst helps companies minimize the liabilities involved with business decisions by analyzing economic conditions and financial documents and providing advice. 


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