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Prepare Yourself For A Great Q4

The last quarter of the year is approaching. 


Many people are feeling the pressure to push through those final goals. We have quotas to meet, and a new year of business or study to plan. This is the make-or-break quarter.


But it’s also an opportunity to hit – and exceed – your numbers or goals, and to set yourself up for success in 2023.


To get the most out of your final fiscal quarter, you need to ramp up efforts ahead of time, so you hit the ground running when October comes.


#1 Set a reachable Q4 goal


Where you stand going into Q4 will dictate the priorities you set. You should be tracking your progress on targets throughout the year, but take some time to step back and see how you’re doing in 2022 compared to previous years and your annual targets. 


For instance, you can calculate the shortfall of your goals and break it down to determine the number of demos, discovery calls, and connects you’ll need to make by month, week, and day. 


If you’re ahead of the game, you might focus on setting up a fantastic Q1; if you’re behind, those end-of-year achievements will receive more of the spotlight.


#2 Remove roadblocks & Review your process


By now, you should know what is and isn’t working in your process or approach. With Q1 to Q3 behind you, look at the results and pinpoint areas for improvement ahead of your end-of-year push. 


Take a good, hard, and honest look at each step in the business process and how deals flow through your pipeline. Dig through your data and solve blockages that are holding up progress. 


#3 Embrace new leads


You’ll start the new year off on the right foot if you’ve got a couple of leads in the pipeline already. It may take some balancing work, but don’t let the rush for Q4 numbers take attention away from the great opportunities you find over the next few months. 


Goals give us something to aim for and achieve. Let’s make some goals ahead of the new year so you can start working toward them without starting from scratch in January.


Will you end the year with a bang? It depends on the steps you take right now. With the right preparation, it could be your best season yet.


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