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Personality Differences: Secret to Happiness?



  February 24, 2021

*Image credit: Victor He*

Do you believe the notion that opposites attract and complement each other?


Or are you someone who, given the chance, will choose to marry yourself? 


Hmm. I think it is safe to assume that this thought has crossed our minds at least once in our lives. Right? Cause dating yourself would mean that you would have the exact same personality and characteristics as your own twin. No muss, no fuss.


Too bad. It won’t work that way.


Relationships are Trial and Error


Like how an anime protagonist doesn't just magically become the strongest overnight, relationships are not that different.


Who you had in mind that may be the perfect match for you might not actually turn out to be “the one” for you in the long run.


That is precisely why dating and relationships are largely just trials and errors. We don’t learn how painful it is until we eventually fall on our knees, leaving a bloody scar to heal for weeks or even months.


After all, compatibility on paper does not equate compatibility in real life. Marrying your personality twin will not guarantee you that they won’t turn out to be your evil doppelganger who haunts your life to the very end of their toxic capability.


Sigh. Why is love so complicated? 


Interference of Technology Advancement 


Adding to the list of reasons why relationships are complicated, other than the personality factor, is our modern people’s lifestyle.


We choose to glue our butts to our electronic devices almost for the whole day. 


Working and studying from home nowadays is a certain guarantee that you will at least spend a solid 6-hour in front of your laptops. And that, doesn’t include your free time scrolling through Instagram posts, playing PUBG and shopping online on Shopee.


Scheduling for a date to meet the person you found attractive in your walk in the park became a swipe right function on a dating app. How ironic is that?


For sure, individual personality is no longer the sole factor leading to failing relationships and the frustration of being single. 


We have to weigh in on the changes and effects that technology has on our lives too.


Chivalry is not dead (yet), unless you are one of those dudes who will tell your girlfriend to drink warm water during her period. Up your game!


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