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Patriotism In the Pandemic

Wong Shu Lee  


  August 07, 2021

In a blink of an eye, we have entered the eighth month of this year. August is an important month for us Malaysians because it is the patriotic month. 


This is the second year (hope it will be the last) that we’re going to celebrate Merdeka amidst the pandemic. Say goodbye to the grand ceremonies and Merdeka parade as we still need to comply with physical distancing and standard operation procedures (SOPs) to fight the Covid-19. 


However, the pandemic should not stop us from celebrating the historic day of independence, embracing the country, and expressing our love to fellow Malaysians. 


This year, we continue to use the theme from 2020, which is Malaysia Prihatin (Malaysia Cares) to celebrate National Day (Aug 31) and Malaysia Day (Sept 16). 


This theme marks the efforts of Malaysians in fighting Covid-19. It reflects Malaysians from different walks of life coming together to overcome the pandemic. It is also in appreciation of our front-liners who have worked tirelessly in the fight against the disease. 


The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have united Malaysians against an invisible enemy – just like our fight for Malaya’s independence and the formation of Malaysia.


In the same spirit, we should also get together to express love for the country and foster patriotism to engender deeper unity. 


Expressing love for the country should not be limited to just shouting out our love or proudly flying the Jalur Gemilang. In fact, there are many practical ways to show patriotism. 


For example, do not bash the country’s name on social media. When you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with some policies or measurements, you can write emails or comments to respective departments or government bodies to share constructive feedback and helpful suggestions. Voice your opinions in a civilized and polite manner. 


Besides, let’s cooperate with the guidelines and rules announced by ​​the National Security Council. Let’s prioritize the collective interests over your personal desires during this critical time. 


For those who are capable, let’s support campaigns that are helping people who need assistance during this part of the time. Many people have lost their jobs, however, the cost of livings is constantly increasing. You can support food banks in your community or donate money to any Covid-19 emergency funds raised by trustable organizations. 


Let’s overcome the challenges together as a nation. Wish that Malaysia can get rid of the coronavirus and our life can get back to the old normal very soon. Malaysia Prihatin! 


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