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Our mixed feelings while celebrating Georgetown Heritage Day

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 08, 2021

Yesterday was the Georgetown Heritage Day. This holiday commemorates the anniversary of the recognition of George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on this day in 2008. 


I’m not a Penangite, so do most of my teammates. However, we always reserve a special space for Georgetown in our minds. The reason being we have our annual trips and teambuilding at Georgetown every year around this time since 2016. 


And this is the first year we never get to visit the city. The reason is obvious. 


We miss the food, the culture, the heritage buildings, and the memories we made in Georgetown. 


When we look back at the photos and videos that we took, there are so many precious moments that we have gone through as a team. 


This photo is taken at St. Anne's Church, Bukit Mertajam.

This photo is taken at Ferringhi Garden Restaurant, Penang Island


We really hope that this pandemic can end soon, not because we’re unable to visit Penang for our annual team building, but it’s because we are really sad to see that so many people are suffering from the impacts of the coronavirus. Just imagine, when we are not allowed to travel, it means that the F&B and hospitality industries are badly affected. 


Hope that all people can appreciate the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme and get themselves and their loved ones to register for the vaccination. Those who have already secured appointments, please ensure you accept and complete the appointments. Do not cancel appointments just because it is not your preferred location, time, or vaccine’s brand. Please try your best to make it because it involves so many efforts and costs behind the scene to fix an appointment for each individual. 


Hopefully, with more people being vaccinated, more people are immune to the Covid-19, we can get back to the old normal life one day. 


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