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Old Tech VS New Tech: Which is Better?



  April 14, 2021

We often hear our dearest parents boast about their old school appliances from decades ago still being alive in the present day.


But when it comes to the supposedly “new-generation” updated  washing machine with a large capacity and amazing functions, the lifespan of it is only a few years at best.


Changes in technological advancements have inadvertently become the driving force of innovation, productivity, growth and development of an economy. Our present day sophisticated devices and gadgets undoubtedly made our lives easier, but did they make us happier?


Old Tech VS New Tech 


Technology is an all-embracing concept. It is all about employing technical and scientific knowledge in the pursuit of solving problems and making lives easier. 


Is old tech no match for new tech?


Laser printers VS inkjet printers, landline services VS cell phones, digital appliances VS smart appliances… The list goes a long way down our memory lanes. It just goes to show how human world technology has evolved substantially over the years.


Before the existence of PS5, Nintendo switch or Xbox, kids used to kill time by playing congkak, marbles or at best pinball in their parents’ outdated desktop with no Internet connectivity.


On the other hand, now we have Monster Hunter, Genshin Impact, League of Legends readily- available for people of all ages- including kids to play during their free time.


New tech sure did bring a lot of convenience to our daily lives in terms of making lives easier, reducing the amount of chores and also providing more entertainment in our lives. However, they are not necessarily better. They aided in easing various aspects in our lives. They raised our standard of living, augmented our understanding of the universe,  added colour to the world, but maybe, just maybe, last time even before the existence of new techs, kids and adults were happier?


Nowadays, everything is simply one tap- or few clicks away, starting from sending a simple email on a mobile phone. We no longer spend as much time on typing everything out in old school numpad phones anymore.


However, precisely also owing to that fact, people are now more distant towards each other. Technological progressions have made it unnecessary for us to put in the effort to keep in touch and connect with people surrounding or away from us.


Plainly because even if two persons were at opposite poles on earth, they would still be able to establish a connection whenever they want, as compared to olden times where one has to spend roughly a 10 minutes just to type out a mail or physically go all the way out to pay visits.


Compared to the present day social media culture, I personally prefer chat rooms, livejournal and online forums back in the days that all presented as collective neighborhoods or communities ready to listen to you.


Technology has changed. The world has changed and for better or worse, we can only go with the flow and adapt to these changes.


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