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Occupational Health and Safety

Wong Shu Lee  


  May 01, 2021

In conjunction with International Workers’ Day, better known as Labour Day, we would like to discuss safe and healthy workplaces. 


Although conditions of workplaces have improved over the years under the pressure of legislation and self-regulation by responsible businesses, many workers are still prone to workplace injuries and illnesses. 


Even if you’re not a manual worker, sitting too long at your desk during work hours can have major consequences for your health, including increasing your risk for obesity, blood clots, and death. 


Many people envision workplace safety primarily in terms of traditionally risky industries like construction, deep-sea fishing, or logging. Indeed, these sectors experience some of the highest fatal accident numbers among all workers. 


However, non-fatal injuries and illnesses tell a significantly different story. These injuries can result in significant losses to productivity, as more than half of these injuries result in days away from work—not to mention the added burden of treatment costs and human pain.


To reverse the effects of the sedentary lifestyle, below are some simple activities and tips that we hope you integrate into your life. Fixing a sedentary lifestyle takes some conscious effort at first, but the value of being more physically active is worth it for the myriad benefits it brings. 


#1 Walk More


Plenty of research has borne out the health benefits of a daily 30-minute walk. It's easy to start walking more, even if you're at the office. Suggest walking meetings instead of sitting around a conference table. You can also try adding activity before or after work, such as walking your dog for longer stretches. 


Look for other opportunities to take a walk. For example, you can take a walk after dinner and make it a family event. 


#2 Take the Stairs


Stair climbing is considered a vigorous-intensity physical activity as it burns more calories per minute than jogging. Taking the stairs whenever possible can help you to maintain a healthy weight as well as build and maintain strong bones, joints, and muscles.


#3 Stand Up More Often


If your job requires you to sit for long periods, make it a point to stand up at least every 20 minutes. You may need to set a reminder using your calendar or phone, especially if you're used to getting involved with a project and losing track of time.


If you're worried about interrupting your workflow, you don't necessarily have to stop your task to take a quick standing or stretching break. You can easily take calls or review printed files standing up.


Try taking brief breaks away from your desk to get some water or confer with a colleague at their desk rather than sending an email.


#4 Develop Active Hobbies


Finding enjoyable pastimes that keep you moving is a great way to add activity to your life. Go for a run, join a yoga class or plant your garden during your day off. 


Being diligent and productive at work is important, so does maintain your health. Health is always the greatest wealth that one can have. Therefore, do not compromise your health by giving bad excuses. Let’s do what we can to keep ourselves healthy at all times. 


Happy International Workers’ Day! 


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