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New Year, New Look for ZOM-IN

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 11, 2022

We always give special attention and importance to new things in life. New Year is important by many as it signifies the beginning. New Year is not just about celebrations and resolutions; it is more than what meets the eye. It symbolizes motivation for many new beginnings. 


To celebrate the new beginning of the year 2022, we decided to give our website a fresh look, updating more new features and solving existing bugs to provide our users a better User Experience. Besides enhancing the entire look and feel of the website, below are some major uplifts of the upcoming system update. 


A More Secured Login



In the upcoming update, we will integrate the user login with Google and Facebook to provide users with an easier and more secure login process. Google and Facebook’s strong security and authentication systems provide better protection than current poor password practices. In 2022, let’s log in to our website in a faster and easier way! 


Enhanced User Dashboard



Although we never change much of the existing functions in the User Dashboard, we’ve rearranged and redesigned the interface to provide a smoother journey for our users especially when applying for jobs on the website. The new system update will enable users to have a better view and control over their job applications and interview schedules on ZOM-IN. 


A More Interactive Opportunity Page



In the new Opportunity Page, we have improved the search, helping users to filter their desired jobs faster and more accurately. Users are also able to save jobs to further explore the jobs in their free time before making any decision. Besides, users can share jobs with friends if they come across jobs that are suitable for their friends. 


Works On Your Mobile Too! 



In the year 2021, 60% of our website usage happened on mobile devices. Thus, we are committed to enhancing the entire user experience of our website on mobile devices. 


Are you ready to meet a faster, easier, and more secured ZOM-IN? Stay tuned with us to unlock all the benefits of our upcoming system update! 


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