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New Skills Outlook 2022

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 19, 2022

With every passing year, technology is evolving at a rapid pace. There are new discoveries regularly in almost every industry and the way people view the world changes with each discovery. 


The Future of Jobs Report 2018 by the World Economic Forum foreseen that by 2022, an average of 58% of total task hours will be performed by humans, and 42% by machines or algorithms. 



Before we even realize it, many job roles are either getting obsolete or automated. Without adaptation, people and businesses can be left behind. According to the report, 50% of all employees will require upskilling by 2025 to remain relevant in their job roles amid large-scale disruption. 


Below are the top 5 tech skills organizations are looking for in their current and future workforce. 


#1 Cybersecurity 


According to Skillsoft's 2021 IT Skills and Salary report, 52% of IT decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region consider cybersecurity a priority for their team. More cybersecurity professionals are needed to protect organizations' valuable data and prevent cyberattacks.


#2 Cloud Computing


The same report highlights that cloud computing is a key investment area for 43% of decision-makers. This domain has been a critical investment area for many organizations since 2017 until today in the fast-evolving digital-first world.


So, if you’re venturing into the IT & Computing industry, equipping yourself with cloud computing skills such as DevOps, Serverless Architecture, Automation, and QA will boost your career.


#3 Data Analysis


The art and science of collecting, analyzing, and using data securely to make informed decisions, data management is the priority for IT leaders. Organizations around the world are demanding qualified talents to fill big data jobs. 


#4 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


AI and ML have become part of our daily lives. They significantly drive automation that simplifies systems across industries requiring organizations to constantly look for professionals skilled in this area.


Job roles in this segment will be prioritized by 34% of Asia-Pacific leaders. 


#5 Internet of Things


With more and more devices connecting with each other today and adoption rates soaring, IoT has become a hot new technology for businesses. From its infancy in 2015 to 2021, IoT devices have tripled and so is the requirement for IoT engineers.



Apart from these tech skills, individuals looking to kick-start or advance their careers need to also focus on developing powerful soft skills. 



“Human” skills such as creativity, originality and initiative, critical thinking, persuasion, and negotiation will likewise retain or increase your value in the job market, as will attention to detail, resilience, flexibility, and complex problem-solving. Emotional intelligence, leadership, social influence, as well as service orientation, are also set to see a particular increase in demand relative to their current prominence today. 


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