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Merdeka series: Why Patriotism is Important?

Wong Shu Lee  


  August 23, 2022

Patriotism is something we can all understand—even if we experience it differently. As Malaysians, we all participate in displays of patriotism: voting, observance of national holidays, reciting the Rukun Negara, etc. These things are all part of being a Malaysian.


And while we all engage in acts of patriotism, it’s important to understand how this contributes to our national identity. Why is patriotism important? Why is it so important that we all engage in it? 


Here’s a look at what it means to be patriotic and why displays of patriotism are so important. 


Patriotism Brings People Together


First and foremost, patriotism is a concept which brings people together. A sense of solidarity and love for our country is a sentiment which binds. It’s a shared feeling and common goal to do what's best for the nation as a whole and be supportive throughout this quest. 


When you see someone displaying the Jalur Gemilang, this will often lighten your mood and make you feel even more patriotic knowing that the love for this country is strong and readily apparent.


Togetherness is something that helps us as a country. Whether it’s coming together during the COVID-19 pandemic or it’s supporting each other after a natural disaster, our patriotism is part of what inspires us to lend a helping hand to those who need it. Even a simple good deed like contributing to charity is a display of patriotism that directly benefits another Malaysian.


Patriotism Makes for a Stronger Nation


The act of patriotism and feeling patriotic are things that make for a stronger nation. Not only will you be able to relate well to others in your shared love for this country, but the more individuals who express their patriotic feelings, the stronger our country will be as a whole. Those who are patriotic will do what is right for the country in the way of supporting efforts to make the country stronger and come together as a combined group with a common goal. That goal is to do what we can to keep the nation united and show solidarity for the good of Malaysia.


With patriotic sentiments behind us, we know that we can overcome anything. As a nation, we’ve faced tragedies of all types and, as a nation, we’ve overcome them. We’re as strong as we are today because we’ve been through a lot over the past 65 years. We had to fight for our independence, and we’ve never lost that fighting spirit—not so long as it lives on in patriotic spirit.


Every Act of Patriotism is Important


Patriotism comes in all forms. Embracing patriotism will show much-needed support for our country and help to create a stronger, more unified nation. Even something as simple as wearing our nation’s colors can have a compounding effect on the patriotic acts you deliver in your everyday life.


Never underestimate the importance of representation. Together with patriotic acts, there’s no more powerful combination on earth than a proud Malysian who’s open about their patriotism.



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