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Merdeka series: Is the Moon Always Rounder Abroad?

Wong Shu Lee  


  August 25, 2022

There’s a saying that goes, “the moon is rounder abroad”. Many people admire foreign socioeconomic prosperity and quality of life, which contributed to dissatisfaction with the country’s development and government and a large-scale exodus of students and emigrants to foreign countries. 


However, is the moon always rounder abroad? Let’s listen to the points of view of a few Malaysians that have stayed in foreign countries. 


Interviewee A


“This is my eighth year in Aussie. I think of going back to Malaysia every now and then because I miss home and the community bond. People over here prioritize personal privacy over intimacy among family and friends. Thanks to technology, I am still able to connect with my friends and family to keep myself sane. I plan to move back to Malaysia for good after I achieve my financial goal.” 


Interviewee B


“I once envied people who work in Singapore due to the higher currency value. Now I realized there are many sacrifices to make, after studying and working in Singapore since 2014. The food and entertainment options over here in incomparable to what we have in Malaysia.” 


Interviewee C


“After studying abroad for four years, I think there are pros and cons in every country. However, Malaysia is my homeland, it is where my root is. Therefore, I decided to come back. In terms of career opportunities, I think we do have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow in Malaysia too. I don’t think we must leave Malaysia for better livelihood.” 


*The above opinions are received via text and audio submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of the interviewees. ZOM-IN.com is not responsible for any of the opinions or comments shared by the interviewees. 


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