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Meet the New ZOM-IN

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 20, 2020


This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Today, let us introduce the New ZOM-IN! 


Before we started, some of you may be wondering “What is ZOM-IN?” 

Well, ZOM-IN is a platform that redefines the talent marketplace by connecting homegrown entrepreneurs with young talents to empower and inspire one another. 


On ZOM-IN, we featured stories and videos about entrepreneurs in Malaysia to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset. 


Explore each company’s story by clicking on “READ MORE”


On the “Partners” tab, you’re able to view profiles of companies that are already onboard with ZOM-IN. This is a good place for you to explore more about homegrown startups and SMEs, learn how they localise, innovate and sustain businesses. 


We have over 30 partners that are actively searching for interns. Therefore, we welcome students from any universities or colleges across Malaysia to apply for these internship programs on ZOM-IN Opportunity. 


Over 95 Internship Programs are available on ZOM-IN Opportunity. 


Besides, you can read the articles carefully curated by our editorial team to keep up with the latest trends or to obtain helpful career tips. 

Check Out Our Latest Articles on Spice-IN


Sign Up to Unlock More! 


To enjoy more features on ZOM-IN, we encourage you to sign up an account with us. 

Once you signed up, you will receive an email to activate your account. After the activation, you can start using all the features. 


As a user, you can update your profile to showcase your education background and projects that you are working on. 



Once you updated your profile, you can start exploring and applying for internship programs on ZOM-IN Opportunity. You don’t need to submit your resume anymore because your ZOM-IN Profile is equal to your resume. 

Ditch Uploading Resume When You Apply for Internships with ZOM-IN! 


Moreover, we’ve prepared a channel called “What’s Happening” for you to promote your in-campus events or any educational activities to attract more like-minded participants! 


Promote Your Event on “What’s Happening” to Attract More Participants


Our engineers are still working to enhance the platform constantly and will surprise you with more features from time to time. If you think there is any missing function that ZOM-IN should have, suggest to us at admin@zom-in.com



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