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Let's Help The Nation To Reduce Covid-19 Cases

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 24, 2021

Despite we have been restricted in our outdoor activities for months, the Covid-19 cases in our country are increasing tremendously. 


Personally, I feel the disease is coming nearer to me day by day. Previously, I merely heard some acquaintances tested positive for Covid-19. Then, there were people whom I known passed away due to the Covid-19. And recently, there are increasing cases in my neighborhood. 


By now, I think all people have already known the steps and correct ways to avoid Covid-19. Most people also understand the impact of the virus. However, there are still many people who don’t take the SOPs seriously. Many still think that they won’t be the ones who are so lucky to be infected. 


In fact, anyone can get infected. Nowadays, the virus is everywhere. That is why we have to be more careful and try to avoid going out. 


Meanwhile, it is really important to get vaccinated. We’re so blessed that we are given the vaccination free of charge. However, I often hear people complaining about the location and time arrangement, and there are some people who choose to cancel their appointments because they are not given their preferred vaccine brand. 


We shouldn’t simply cancel the vaccination appointment because it involves so many efforts to get an appointment fixed. Besides, regardless of what brand it is, it is better to get a vaccination than not. 


As mentioned just now, the virus is everywhere in our environment. There’s nowhere for us to escape from it. Thus, it is important to get ourselves shielded with the vaccine. 


I bet I’m not the only one that hopes the MCO can end soon. I believe everyone wishes to resume back to our usual lifestyles, where we can go out to work, shop, and exercise freely. If we have to be confined at home for more time, many of us are getting more stressed day by day. 


Let’s do whatever we can to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 so that we can return to our normal life as soon as possible. 


#StaySafe #FightCoronavirus


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