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Let's Have A Cup of Noodles

Wong Shu Lee  


  October 27, 2020

Although it’s not so healthy, we believe deep down everyone loves instant noodles. It is the best fix for a chilly rainy afternoon, a quick meal when you're too lazy to cook or eat out, and a great substitute when you crave a specific foreign cuisine. 


One day, our team decided to throw a ‘Ramen Party’ in the office — each of us brought our favourite cup noodles to enjoy and lepak together. 


A Touch of Memories


“It’s been a while since the last time I ate instant noodles,” said Belinda. As a health-conscious person, we rarely see her eating cup noodles. “But sometimes when I really crave for it, I will have an Instant Mee Goreng, and its unique fragrance reminds me of all the school days memories,” she continued. 



She shared about the significance of Instant Mee Goreng throughout her college life, especially when exams or assignment deadlines were approaching. “It was the best late-night companion when there were limited supper options on campus. And it’s a smell that no one could resist. Once any of your schoolmates made a cup of instant noodles, everyone would end up eating too.” 


A Fix for Homesickness


I could relate to Belinda’s story too since I also stayed in the school's dorm while pursuing my degree in Taiwan. Almost everyone would eat instant noodles for supper during exam seasons.  Besides, I usually would pack a lot of Maggi Kari along with me while travelling back to school from Malaysia after term breaks. When I missed home, that was the fastest and cheapest cure for my homesickness. 



Now that I have come back and settled down in Malaysia, sometimes I miss Taiwanese and Chinese noodles. Therefore, I started to hunt for those fancy instant noodles from Taiwan and China. Those noodles really sate my crave, especially during this pandemic season in which all the travel plans have postponed. 


Celebrate the Togetherness


“As for me, maggi is the common language for my friends and me,” shared Louis. “It’s not about tasty or not —though it is tasty, it’s the time being spent together with friends that make my associate instant noodles with the concept of happiness.” 


Prior to the pandemic, he would always meet up with friends at mamak stalls to lepak. All this while, his favourite dish in any mamak stall is Maggi Sup. “With an additional egg and some vegetables, it becomes perfect.” 





We don’t encourage you to eat instant noodles frequently for their high sodium content and lack of nutrients, but anyway you’ll still eat, so, let’s share with us what’s your favourite instant noodles! 


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