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Jobs in Demand 2021 | 07 Finance Specialist

Wong Shu Lee  


  February 23, 2021

According to surveys done by reputable recruitment agencies, there has been a strong increase in demand for finance professionals this year. In the first quarter of the year, the number of vacancies for highly-trained finance staff rose by 32% compared with the same period last year. 


Back in our parents’ days, finance graduates usually pursued accounting as their careers as it provides job stability. However, choices are not limited to accounting for today’s finance professionals. There was a clear rise in demand too for analysts, controllers and investment specialists. 


What are the Major Tasks performed by Finance Specialists?


A successful Financial Specialist in a company uses financial management knowledge to perform cost analyses, prepare budget reports and evaluate current accounting trends. They also advise the top management on potential acquisitions and strategic decisions in alignment with business objectives and legislation.


Ultimately, Finance Specialists are responsible to recommend, design and monitor short-term and long-term investment strategies for the company. 


Below are some key responsibilities of Finance Specialists: 


  • Analyze financial data to identify the company’s financial status
  • Conduct cost and benchmarking analyses
  • Prepare budget reports
  • Develop financial models, taking legal limitations into consideration
  • Participate in regular audits and recommend corrective financial action plans
  • Design and review fiscal policies
  • Identify investment opportunities
  • Advise senior management team on financial planning (e.g. acquisitions, mergers and loans)
  • Create forecast models based on current and past financial results


Who should consider Finance Specialist Jobs?


Finance Specialist is a great career path for individuals who has strong analytical skills and sensitive to numbers. Self-confidence and communication skills are important too as Finance Specialists should present their works directly to the top management. 


Requirements for Finance Specialists: 


  • Proven work experience as a Financial Specialist, Financial Analyst or relevant role
  • Familiarity with finance and statistical analysis software
  • Understanding of financial and accounting principles
  • An ability to analyze market trends and provide data-based advice
  • Strong analytical skills with attention to detail
  • An ability to present and explain investment information and financial plans
  • BS degree in Finance, Economics or related field
  • Additional qualification (e.g. CPA or CFA) a plus


Vacancies for Finance Specialists


Finance Specialists are currently highly in demand. Below is a list of available Finance Specialist Jobs on ZOM-IN. Let’s signup today and start applying for these opportunities! 



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