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Jobs in Demand 2021 | 02 Video Editor

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 15, 2021

Earlier this week, we’ve talked about the booming in Influencer Marketing Industry. Many influencers started their channels by managing video contents all by themselves, but as they attracted more followers, they might start collaborating with video editors, videographers and copywriters to generate finer quality content to meet brand owners’ requirements. 


In fact, many brand owners would directly engage with advertising firms that provide influencer marketing solutions. These advertising firms usually would hire professional video editors to produce high-quality videos. Besides, many brand owners are also looking for talents in video editing to produce more materials to keep up with the fast-changing social media trends. 


Hence, professional video editors have become in-demand in the job market. 


Jobs in Demand 2021: Video Editor


Traditionally, people who pursue a career in video editing will look for vacancies in a film production house or TV studio. In the past two decades, as digital cameras and digital video recorders dominating the consumer market, the demand for videography services in small scale events such as wedding ceremonies and gala dinners has surged. Therefore, there were plenty of job opportunities for video editors in the event industry too. 


Fast forward today, companies are hiring video editors to produce short videos and animated videos that designed to be published on the web. 


What are the Major Tasks performed by Video Editor?


  • Capture studio-quality photographs and video
  • Work both on and off-site
  • Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video recording and editing  
  • Work with our creative teammates
  • Regularly collaborate with the marketing team
  • Follow the company's brand guidelines
  • Present to senior management
  • Develop an overall video brand messaging strategy


Who should consider Video Editing Jobs? 


Video editing jobs are perfect for those who have expert knowledge of modern video editing techniques, can visualize directorial concepts, and work according to a strict time schedule. Ultimately, a top-notch Video Editor can perfectly translate a Director's idea into a beautifully crafted film or video piece, worthy of broadcasting. 


Requirements for Content Writers: 

  • Experienced in using video and editing equipment
  • Creative thinker
  • Good time-management skills 
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficient in Final Cut Pro X or Adobe After Effects or both
  • Knowledge and a good understanding of motion graphics


Vacancies for Video Editors


Video Editors are currently highly in demand. Below is a list of available Video Editing Jobs on ZOM-IN. Let’s signup today and start applying for these opportunities! 



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