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Is it possible to let go of unhappiness?

Wong Shu Lee  


  March 19, 2022

Being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle. It may help combat stress, boost your immune system, protect your heart and reduce pain. Other than being in a neutral state, being happy is how we should mostly be. 


Unfortunately, our daily life is full of challenges that often pull us into negativities such as frustrated thoughts, lonely thoughts, worried thoughts, jealous thoughts, depressing thoughts. 


In conjunction with the International Day of Happiness on March 20, let’s make an effort to turn yourself happier. In this article, we will discuss a few scientifically-validated strategies that have stood the test of time. 


Practice Self-Compassion


Take a moment to think about how you treat yourself when you make a mistake or fail to reach a goal. If you tend to beat yourself up when things go wrong, you, like most people, can use a little more self-compassion in your life.


Eat something healthy. Lie down and rest. Massage your own neck, feet, or hands. Take a walk. Anything you can do to improve how you feel physically gives you a dose of self-compassion. You can also think of what you would say to a good friend if he or she was facing a difficult or stressful situation. Then, when you find yourself in this kind of situation, direct these compassionate responses toward yourself.


Value Your Worth


When you value yourself, you believe you are deserving of respect, love, and success, and you are willing to invest your time and energy into bettering yourself and working towards your goals. Take out time to reflect upon the best version of yourself, and on the legacy you’d like to leave behind, and then take small and meaningful steps towards it. 


Connect with Others


As the most social species on the planet, we’re wired to connect with others to feel safe, soothed, secure, but also to feel happy. Ironically, sadness disconnects us from others at a time when we need them the most and engulfs us in a downward spiral. Make a list of all the people who are your sources of support and reach out to them. It’s nature’s best-kept secret to happiness!


Have Meaningful Projects


There is a need within all of us to belong to something larger than ourselves. When this need is unfulfilled, a deep inner hollow takes its place—a constant reminder of the futility of our daily pursuits. Instead of mulling in this inner emptiness—which can sometimes be strangely self-soothing—shift out of the "ego-system" of sadness and embrace the "eco-system" of a larger purpose, whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter or becoming involved in your local food bank or nursing home.


Grow your Gratitude


Gratitude has been identified as a strength that’s easily buildable and highly effective in increasing happiness. Keep a gratitude journal, or write about 3 good things that happened in your day, and you’re well on your way to countering the doom and gloom mindset that characterizes sadness.



Everyone has their own definition of happiness, or things that make them happy. Happiness is about feeling content and not having to fake your feelings, so whatever makes you happy, you do you! 


Being internally happy is key to being satisfied with your surroundings. So, on this 20th March, challenge yourself and be open to new people and experiences. Cherish the little things, and be grateful for everything in that moment. 


Be happy! 


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