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Is it ok to 'lari bidang'?

When we were about to choose the university and course upon finishing our secondary education, one common question that bothers many people is “Should we study something we love or a degree that will get us a job?”


If you choose the university and course that you love, your time as a student is likely to be enjoyable and fulfilling. But, at the end of it, then what?


Will your choice of what to study and where to study it help your career? Certain courses lead to particular careers more than others, but almost any degree from almost any university will – on average – improve your prospects when compared with not having studied to university level. 


Sometimes, people studied for one course but later found out that was not what they want to do for the rest of their life. In this situation, could we ‘lari bidang’?


Personally, I majored in Chinese Literature while studying at the university and worked as a marketing executive after graduated. Although there is no direct relation between my study and my current career, what I studied does give me extra perspectives in solving problems. 


Thus, I don’t believe that we must choose a career based on what we studied or vice versa unless you’re very firm about what you want to do for a living and you want to study for it. 


For certain careers, you need to have professional qualifications, for example, medicine, engineering, accountancy, architecture, etc. If your ambition is likely to need particular qualifications, then make sure the accreditation of your course will be relevant to the parts of the world where you want to end up working.


This pandemic shows us that there is no certainty in any industry. Many of the jobs that were once considered prestigious became redundant, while others became essential services. Thus, it is more important for us to stay flexible and always be ready to seize opportunities. 


While studying at the university, it is important to join extra-curricular activities as these activities give you the chance to develop transferable skills and to show off your achievements. Universities that offer these opportunities may not be doing it directly to help your career, but it’s a handy result. 


Besides, developing good contacts helps in building your future career. Let’s join activities that are able to help you in establishing networks with industry leaders, local employers, and even your schoolmates.


Rule of thumb, always stays curious and humble so that you can absorb more knowledge and obtain more skills. When you’re equipped with more skills, your opportunities become wider. 


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