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Interns' FAQ Part 2

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 17, 2021

Part 1: https://www.zom-in.com/spice-in_landing.php?url=Interns%27+FAQ+Part+1


Can I apply for an internship that is not related to my study?


We usually encourage candidates to apply for internship programs that are related to their studies. However, if you are not interested in pursuing a career related to your courses, you can explore other options as well. Having said that, you are advised to do some research or attend some online classes related to the industry that you are applying for. 


Can I apply for internships during my semester break? 


Although most students only apply for internships when they are required to do so by the school, internship programs are intended for students and fresh graduates to gain valuable on-the-job experience before starting their careers. 


Lack of experience is a major impediment to getting a job for many recent graduates. Doing an internship during your semester break is an effective way to gain valuable on-the-job experience, build industry-specific skills, and strengthen your resume. Internships can also help you earn an income, identify the profession that aligns with your core interests, and develop long-lasting professional relationships.


What is the specific job scope that I will be working on If I am accepted? Will it be the same as other employees? 


Nowadays, many companies use internships to attract talent to companies. At the end of the internship, the company or organization can select interns who have demonstrated the ability to excel in specific roles. Thus, many interns are given opportunities to handle tasks that other employees do so that companies can evaluate their capabilities. 


However, there are also companies that hire interns to do mundane tasks. If you don’t wish to do only mundane tasks throughout your internship, it is important to clarify your job scopes with the company during the interview.


Is this article helpful to you? Stay tuned for Part 3! 


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