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International Joke Day: Making Jokes At Workplace

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 01, 2021

Today, in conjunction with International Joke Day, we would like to discuss humor in the workplace. 


Work is often a humorless endeavor. Whether we’re earnestly attempting to solve big problems or striving for profits, jokes and laughter often seem out of place. However, integrating an appropriate level of fun can actually help us achieve those serious goals. 


Researches show that shared laughter accelerates a feeling of closeness and trust. Research by Gallup shows that one of the greatest drivers of employee performance is having a close friend — presumably one you laugh with — at work. 


But we often hold back our humor and jokes at the workplace. Some of the reasons why we hold back our jokes are: A fear of offending someone; fear of not being funny—that our humorous attempts will crash and burn; or the unwillingness to “get the ball rolling.”


Whatever the reason may be, if you or your colleagues tend to be dry and dull in the office, you’ll want to work on injecting more humor into your workday. And certainly, in times of a pandemic, humor is needed. 


So how do you incorporate humor into the corporate world? It’s easier than you might think. 


First of all, ex-out all the sensitive topics. Sex, drugs, and probably politics should be off limits! And during this pandemic, you can use humor as long as it’s NOT about the virus. Besides, don’t make jokes about a group that you are not a member of. For example, if you’re bald, sure, you can make a self-deprecating bald joke. But if you’re not bald, then don’t.


A few things that you CAN joke about easily at work include…


  • Rules and regulations are open for having a little bit of fun with. 
  • The competitors. 
  • Viral topics on the internet. 


If you need good clean jokes to share with coworkers, here are some articles that you can check out for references: 



After all, International Joke Day is to encourage people to keep all their problems on one side and share jokes and humorous videos with others. Today is the perfect day to let out all of the guffaw-producing or groan-inducing jokes you’ve collected over the years, sharing them with friends or any passerby you can get to listen to you. 


So, let’s make some laughter at your workplace! 


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