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How Well Do You Know Malaysia?



  August 21, 2021

It’s 10 more days away from Merdeka, let us revise some fun facts about our country’s Independence Day. 


The “Negaraku” was originally the state anthem of Perak


At the time of Independence, we did not have a national anthem. Tunku Abdul Rahman decided to organize a worldwide competition to find a suitable national anthem for Malaysia. Although there were 512 entries, none were deemed suitable. 


In the end, Tunku opted to use the Perak State anthem, titled “Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan”, as the national anthem. Together with a panel of judges, Tunku wrote the new lyrics for “Negaraku”.


The real date and location Tunku Abdul Rahman announced Merdeka


We all know that on 31 August 1957, Malaysia’s Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman, stepped onto the stage at Dataran Merdeka holding a 100-year old ‘keris pukal’ in his right hand and declared independence with seven shouts of “Merdeka” in front of an ecstatic crowd of 100,00 people.


But do you know Tunku actually announced the date of independence on 20 February 1956 at Padang Bandar Hilir in Melaka? Tunku thought it was appropriate that Melaka to be the place to proclaim the independence date. This was because the state was where the foreign invasions began before the Peninsula was colonized by the British.


The Jalur Gemilang was designed by an architect


The Malaysian flag was designed by an architect named Mohamad Hamzah in 1963. Selected out of hundreds of entries in a contest, the Jalur Gemilang was first raised on 16 September 1963. 


Our National Flower, Hibiscus


After receiving independence in 1957, the nation needed a national flower to symbolize her identity. In 1958, the Ministry of Agriculture sought proposals for a national flower from all state governments. Seven flowers were proposed. In 1960, after careful consideration, the ministry selected the hibiscus due to its eye-catching, bigger-sized red petals and the fact that it blooms throughout the year.


The difference of Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia


Hari Merdeka, also known as Hari Kebangsaan, refers to the day the Federation of Malaya officially declared its independence from the British Empire on 31 August 1957. On the other hand, Hari Malaysia commemorates the formation of Malaysian on 16 September 1963, when Sabah and Sarawak joined the Federation of Malaya.


The independence and the formation of the country is never an easy process. We’re blessed that we’re living in an independent country. Let’s honor the past, embrace the present, and celebrate the future of the country together! 


Lastly, ZOM-IN would like to warmly wish you Happy Independence Day! 


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