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How To Start Conversation With Your Father

Wong Shu Lee  


  June 17, 2021

Father’s Day is around the corner. Celebrating Father’s Day might not be as easy as celebrating Mother’s Day as many fathers give their children a reserved and serious impression. Many people are having an awkward relationship with their father. 


When was the last time you had a quality conversation with your father? Yes, we know it’s not easy to start a conversation with fathers. Therefore, we have prepared some conversation starters for you. 



The key to having a good conversation with fathers is to avoid dead-end topics, for example, topics regarding political and spiritual ideologies. Instead, show an interest in his daily life. Ask him about his job, his friends, what he was like when he was your age, where he'd like to travel before he dies, or literally anything else that you're curious about — and then listen to his stories. Like, really listen. He'll appreciate you for it, and you'll probably learn something. 


We hope you spend some quality time with your father this weekend. 


For all fathers, thanks for all the wonderful things that you have done in bringing up your children. Thanks for being a provider and protector to the family. Happy Father’s Day! 



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