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How To Live Comfortably in a Tiny Space

If you’re a young city dweller, chances are you will need to live in a tiny apartment or even a tiny room. This is a global phenomenon, as houses in cities are becoming more costly. 


However, living in a small space doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a comfortable living condition. In fact, there are plenty of ways to maximize the space that you have for a more comfortable living. Let’s check out some! 


#1 Be Minimalist


When you have little space, don’t keep things that are unnecessary. Let’s get rid of things that will clutter up the space. For example, you can opt for an iPad and some online newspaper or magazine subscriptions instead of buying hard copies. 


#2 Paint Walls a Light Color


When it comes to designing small spaces, you’ll want to stick with light, airy colors to open things up. This is because neutral colors reflect more light and make a room feel larger. Avoid dark paint or overly bold wallpaper so that you don’t make your room or tiny home feel cramped and cluttered. 


#3 Maximise Vertical Space


When living in a small space, let’s utilize the walls to create vertical storage. Try hanging plants, decor, artwork, and shelves up high to take advantage of your entire space! You can browse apps like Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration. 


#4 Declutter Your Home Regularly


We tend to keep things that we don’t need anymore and eventually cramp up our homes. So, it’s important to let go of some belongings every once in a while. Throwing away broken things, donating household items, and parting with duplicate possessions are good ways to start decluttering your home. You can check out decluttering tips from YouTube to get inspired. 


In a nutshell, whether we’re living in a big house or a tiny room, we can own a comfortable and cozy space as long as we plan it nicely. Let’s embrace your living space regardless it’s big or small! 


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