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How To Avoid Job Interview Taboos

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 21, 2021

Though being well trained for professional knowledge and skills in the college or university, many fresh graduates find it challenging to secure a job because they were inexperienced in attending job interviews. 


Turn out to be, how you present yourself during the interview has the most influencing power on whether you’re hired or not. This is because most fresh graduates possess equal skills and knowledge, what differs you from others is your attitude, likability, and communication skills. Employers would prefer candidates who can understand and deliver messages clearly and those who can fit into their company’s culture. 


It’s often saddening to see some people have suitable knowledge and skills but couldn’t get the job just because they said or did some taboos during interviews. To avoid such unpleasant scenarios, we have invited Jey, an HR Consultant from TopNotch HR Consulting Firm to share tips for you to slay in every job interview. 



Let’s tune in to ZOM-IN Facebook on January 25 (Monday) at 3pm to learn how to impress your interviewer during a job interview! As this is an interactive session, you’re allowed to ask any questions regarding best practices of attending job interviews during the live session. Follow us now to get notified when the live session starts! 


See you next Monday! 


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