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How MBTI Personality Type Affects Your Career Choices



  February 22, 2021

s the common belief of how extroverts have the edge on introverts in career success true or a myth?


In this article, we will briefly introduce you to the comprehensive personality tool- the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test that can help you with a career choice. 


We go through the basics of the MBTI assessment and highlight some career choices associated with its compatible personalities among the 16 potential types. If you haven’t and want to conduct the assessment, here’s one for free online.


Personality Types and Career Choices


Here are some career descriptions that I find closely associated with these specific personality types. 


ESFJ & ENFP- Public Relations Practitioners, Human Resources Specialist


PR practitioners and HR specialists are jobs that require excellent social skills


These people are required to meet with various individuals representing the company on a regular basis. Abilities to engage with and convince clients to showcase how competent they are in terms of displaying an extraverted outlook to negotiate on behalf of the company.


Creativity and a sharp sense of intuition are traits that help them recognise opportunities in developing effective strategies in the publicity and recruitment domain. 


These people typically have an intuitive and open-minded mindset, as they are constantly expected to find ways to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.


INFP & INTP- Content Writers, Graphic Designers


A creator’s working process requires a lot of reflection and thinking before they can put their thoughts into creation. In order to do that, they typically spend time alone to find their own voice and sort out their train of thoughts.


With a propensity for introversion, the process of writing and designing becomes enjoyable. Abstract ideas become an expression that is conveyed and come to life, aiming to inspire others through the conveyance.


These people are normally idealistic and forward thinkers, as they prefer to be in touch with their own feelings and thoughts- in the midst of finding inspiration, before proceeding to conclude a piece. 


One famous individual known to possess the INFP personality is J.K. Rowling- writer of the Harry Potter series.


I’m an INTP. What about you?


On a side note, while I personally think that even though the MBTI test holds some accuracy to it, we are still largely affected by a lot of external factors like social media, peers, education and social influences etc. 


It certainly makes sense to pursue a career that fits our temperaments only if we genuinely enjoy the work that we do. 


What do you think?


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