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Have A Joyful Christmas During Pandemic

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 23, 2020

Although the government has loosened restrictions in many states and districts, we are not encouraged to have parties with friends for Christmas due to the increasing Covid-19 cases and clusters. Staying at home doesn’t mean that you will have a boring and sad Christmas, let’s try the following ways to have a bright and happy Christmas! 


#1 Fill Up The Air With Your Favourite Christmas Songs



Christmas music is engineered to be pleasing and uplifting at its core. Therefore, it is the perfect way to evoke feelings of nostalgia, which can make you feel elated and a sense of longing simultaneously. 


Therefore, it’s good to prepare a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs and play them out loud from your speakers to make the entire ambience warm and happy. 


#2 Watch A Christmas Themed Movie 


Just like Christmas music, Christmas movies and cartoons are designed to bring joy to you too. Let’s stream some nostalgic Christmas movies and have some good laughs while watching them. 




#3 Try A Christmas Recipe



Since Christmas Day is a public holiday, why not challenge yourself to make some Christmas dishes that you like to eat? From a simple Christmas pudding to Christmas Roast, let’s try something out to serve your family a good homemade Christmas dinner. 


The pandemic may have compromised your holiday plans, but don’t let it ruin your holiday mood. Let’s stay safe and enjoy your Christmas holidays with your love ones. Merry Christmas! 


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