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Happy Mother’s Day — Mothers Under MCO



  May 08, 2020

Mother’s Day is around the corner. This year, even the most ordinary day would be slightly different than usual, not to mention the special day that honours all mothers, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. 


How do you celebrate Mother’s Day usually? In Malaysia, especially in the cities, the most common way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to bring your mother, or wife, to her favourite shopping mall to get everything done — a meal at her favourite restaurant, a movie, a hairdo, manicure, coffee, etc. 


My mum actually complained to me, “This year Mother’s Day is so sien (boring). Cannot go shopping.” I asked if she has anything particularly she wanted to buy, and she said, “No. I’m just too boring at home.” 


Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day During MCO


For those who are staying with your mum, if you wanted to spend an extraordinary Mother’s Day that your mum could proudly brag to others, here are some suggestions: 


  1. Cook her favourite food. If you’re really bad at cooking, order Grabfood instead. Don’t let your mum touch the kitchen, it’s Mother’s Day! 
  2. Give her a back massage. I don’t know how to do either but there are a lot of video tutorials on YouTube for your reference. 
  3. Make a DIY Facial Spa for her. Lay her down, use a face scrub (or a DIY one) to gently exfoliate her skin, put a nice mask on her, then start a deep heart-to-heart talk with her! 
  4. Host a home theatre. Download a nice movie, invite your mum to sit in the middle of the couch, serve her some snacks, close all the lights, and start the movie! 


If your mum dislikes all these activities, too bad, I have run out of ideas. Go figure out yourself what she likes. 



To All Mums


Our actual purpose in sharing this article today is to show appreciation and compassion to all the mothers out there. To all the stay-at-home mums, mums are working from home with young children around, and to mums that need to sacrifice their jobs to take care of the children at home, since schools and crèches are currently closed. As well as to single parents that need to juggle between work and parenting, without a helping hand. 


We understand the hardship that everyone is going through now. While taking care of your children, don’t forget to take good care of your own. If you’re unhappy or unhealthy, your children will become vulnerable too. Make sure you have an emotional outlet to let go of your frustrations. 



How To Ease Mums’ Burdens? 



Fathers and elder children (including those adults staying with parents and teenagers) must understand one thing: everyone in the family is responsible for house chores. Please do not let your mother (or wife) be the only one who cooks, cleans, and entertains kids. 


“It’s not that I don’t want to help. But I don’t know how to do.” Well, no one is born to cook, nor parenting or cleaning. There’s only practice makes perfect. You can be an expert on almost anything if you practice it very often. 


There is no “should-do list” or “must-do” list for mums. They are only doing everything in the name of love. Therefore, stop taking their contributions for granted and start helping out. 


Happy Mother’s Day! 


To all the mothers, grandmothers, single fathers and caretakers in children’s shelters and orphanages, we sincerely wish you Happy Mother’s Day. 


Thanks for nurturing your children, providing them with the best of you could, and making them better persons each day. Thanks for shielding your children with unconditional love and confidence that no one could harm them. Thanks for your kindness and selflessness, providing a good and positive example for your children. 


Thanks for being a mother! 



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