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Gas Stoves Vs. Induction Cookers

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 27, 2021

Ever since the MCO started, many Malaysians are showing their fantastic cooking skills on social media. There are also many people who never cooked anything in their life but are now trying to pick up cooking skills. 


One topic that is worth discussing is not directly related to cooking, however, it’s about the cooking appliances. 


If you’re new to cooking, would you cook using gas stoves or induction cookers? 


Gas cooktops, or the gas stove, are the most traditional way of cooking in modern life. Many households use gas stoves in which the heat source comes from flammable gases such as natural gas, butane, propane, or liquefied petroleum gas. 


Induction cookers, on the other hand, heat a cooking device by magnetic induction through electricity. It works by having a coil of copper wire placed under the cooking pot and having alternating electric currents that pass through the copper wire.


Although many of us grew up using gas stoves, nowadays many people opt for induction cookers because it is safer and easier to clean. 


Induction cooking doesn’t produce fire as a source of heat and the electromagnetic energy is only transferred to massive electromagnetic materials, you can use the induction stove, turn it to the maximum level and even put your hands on it without getting burned or any negative consequences.


Even rings, bracelets, and any other jewelry will be safe because the sensors detect how much ferrous material is in the area and it won’t turn on with these kinds of materials. Therefore, induction cooking has much less of a fire and health hazard compared to gas cooktops. 


On the other hand, using gas cooktops can be dangerous, especially if they’re not installed and used properly. Gas leaks can be dispersed around your house which can create breathing problems and fire. 


It sounds like induction cookers are better than gas stoves from a safety perspective. However, induction stoves only work with power. When there is a power interruption, you won’t be able to cook your meals. If there’s power loss for hours, you might lose your cooking ability. 


That would be a huge problem during emergencies such as during floods. To prevent any risk of electric shock or fire, people usually turn off the power to the whole house during floods. Sometimes, floods also indirectly cause power outages. If you’re stuck at home during floods, a backup gas stove may come in handy. 


Another obvious disadvantage of using induction cooking is it only works with pots, pans, and other cooking vessels made of magnetic materials. It took my family quite some time to get used to this when we first switching from gas stoves to induction cooktops because we have to let go of our favorite ceramic pots. 


In a nutshell, there are pros and cons of using gas cooktops or induction cooking. How would you choose between these two? Let’s share your opinions! 


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