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Fresh Graduates FAQ Part.1

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 25, 2022

We have collected some frequently asked questions from fresh graduates. Let's read this if you are experiencing similar problems in your career. 


Q1: Should I Connect With Colleagues On Social Media? 


Say you’re scrolling through your social feed and your boss pops up as a friend request. Do you accept, deny, or ignore it and hope they don’t notice?


Social media can be an effortless way to connect with friends. But with colleagues, it’s not quite as simple. Social media can give colleagues an insight into the more personal aspects of our lives – our favorite hobbies, mutual friends, loved ones and pets, holidays, and other interests. This content helps humanize us and highlights what we and our coworkers have in common, helping relationships to grow and flourish. 


However, sharing content that’s inappropriate or overly personal with colleagues can reduce respect and shift professional boundaries in unhelpful ways. Therefore, before accepting your colleagues’ friend requests, it’s important to audit your content. 


The best way to maintain a public persona at the same time preserve your privacy is to have personal and public social media accounts, or only interact with your colleagues and clients on some platforms but keep other accounts private. 


Q2: How To Deal With Workplace Favouritism? 


If you find your superior demonstrates favor toward another employee over you, first, you have to ask yourself is this because the other party performs better than you or he/she provides more creative ideas and solutions to the superior. If yes, let’s buckle up to perform as well as your coworker. Identify what is lacking in you and learn from your coworker to improve your job performance. 


Real favoritisms are those that occur due to a personal bond or friendship shared between the superior and the favored employee. From this, the favored employee may receive more advanced projects or opportunities than others who have better qualifications. They might also receive fewer or no repercussions for tardiness or inability to meet deadlines. 


In such scenarios, you may talk with a member of HR, your superior, or both about the situation. It's possible that your superior didn't know their actions made you and other employees feel undervalued. Having an honest discussion early on gives management the opportunity to revise their relationship with you and your coworkers for a healthy work environment. 


Most importantly, refrain from venting to other employees because it may cause you to seem unprofessional, and places you and your coworkers in an awkward position. It may also increase resentment and contribute to a lack of trust in the workplace. Try to stay positive and focused so you can maintain a professional image among your coworkers.


You can read this article for more tips to deal with favoritism in the workplace: https://www.zom-in.com/spice-in_landing.php?url=%23InTheOffice+01%3A+Does+Favoritism+Exists+in+Workplace%3F


Q3 What Should I Do If I’m Unhappy With My Current Job? 


Going to school and going to work is very different. Both are not easy, but study-related-stresses and job-related-stresses are different by nature. It may take you months or even 1 or 2 years to fully adapt to the working world. Thus, you may experience many uncertainties and doubts during this transition period. 


When you are feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with your job, let’s identify what is the factor of your unhappiness. There are certainly varying levels of dissatisfaction and many factors that can cause unhappiness in the workplace. 


Oftentimes, the issue is something you can resolve by communicating with your manager or by adjusting your own mindset to alleviate the stress. If it’s not, it can be appropriate to search for a new job. 


Before you begin searching for other opportunities, let’s take time to review the reasons you’re looking for a move. Identify what you’ve learned from these experiences so that you can reframe them when you apply and interview for other jobs. You can also look out for these factors while you’re evaluating potential employers. 


It is important to remember that your frustrations could have come from being in a position or field that doesn’t fit your interests, skills, or abilities. If this is true for you, you could begin your job search by exploring jobs that are more suitable for you. 



Are you a fresh graduate too? Let’s write to us at admin@zom-in.com if you are facing any issue or problem in your career. We will try our best to cover your problems in the upcoming FAQs. 


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